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OnePlus just took a big step toward supporting wireless charging in future phones

OnePlus’ smartphones are infamous for lacking support for Qi wireless charging —but the company has been spotted joining the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the standards group that handles the Qi wireless charging used by virtually every single smartphone, as reported by MobileScout.

The lack of wireless charging has been one of the glaring holes in OnePlus’ lineup that crops up every year, especially as OnePlus’ phones have gotten better and better and started to compete with other top smartphones. Despite this, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has previously been fairly unenthusiastic about wireless charging in the past. Earlier this year on The Vergecast, Lau commented that even 10W fast wireless charging was too slow and “not worth it” compared to the wired fast-charging Warp Charge that OnePlus’ current phones offer.

Despite that, there are already rumors OnePlus may be gearing up to offer wireless charging this year, at least on the high-end OnePlus 8 Pro model. The fact that OnePlus has joined the WPC only bolsters the possibility that those rumors could be true.